We are committed to improving daily performance,developing a variety of natural products that contribute to the treatment of health issues, such as chronic pain, anxiety, epilepsy, MS, and more. The goal at SOMALAB is to formulate an optimal quality of life for everyone.health, quality of life, and human potential byWe count on a large network of scientific institutions, medical associations, and othercivil society groups with whom we share vision, values, and objectives.

Our Values

We are committed to optimal health, quality of life and human potential through the application of state-of-the-art technology and biotechnology that develops, produces, distributes and provides a wide range of products and services.

Our Origins

In 2011 at age 17, Earl suddenly began to experience seizures shortly after his best friend died in a car accident. The stress of the situation triggered a neurological disorder. The following year, his robotics team went to MIT for a competition. The Director of MIT was impressed with his work and knowledge in many subjects and offered him a scholarship. Due to a seizure shortly after the trip, he was unable to accept the MIT scholarship offer. The seizures continued to become more intense. Doctors eventually prescribed 3,000mg of Keppra (maximum recommended daily dose). The medication caused drastic side effects. He became irrational, aggressive, and angry with loved ones for apparently no reason, his personality began to change, he was suicidal and depressed, his mental clarity became foggy, and academic work that used to be easy became difficult. He gained almost 70 lbs in 6 months due to the medication’s effect on his metabolism. The ongoing medical condition also hindered his ability to participate in his personal passion: athletic pursuits such as MuayThai, rock climbing, and of course, FOOTBALL. With every seizure, he began to feel he was losing some memories and experiences with loved ones; and with every dose of medication, his intellect was dulled. 2 years after the first seizure, his brother was very concerned for his mental and physical health due to the side effects of the medication and suggested him to begin exploring other treatments. Together, they researched and found case studies about cannabinoids successfully treating epileptic seizures. They decided it was worth exploring cannabinoid treatments to see if it helped. He began to take cannabinoid supplements with his seizure medication and was eventually able to stop taking Keppra. His intellectual skills began to return slowly, his mental and physical health improved, and seizures became less frequent and less severe than when he was on the maximum dose of Keppra. At that point, it was an easy decision for Earl to dedicate his life to further research on natural ways of enhancing physical and mental health; and in 2017 SOMALAB was born. Earl partnered with researchers at universities to study different botanical extracts/compounds and their potential benefits to mental and physical health. In 2022, SOMALAB INTERNATIONAL LLC now has developed multiple products with different brain and body-enhancing botanicals to offer an optimal quality of life to anyone seeking a more natural approach to wellness. Earl and the team at SOMALAB continually research botanical and fungi compounds that may help regain balance and work on developing new products to increase wellness for the most people we can reach.


SOMALAB is an innovator in the nutraceutical field for not only alleviating symptoms, but also by seeking to improve the quality of life of patients and offer solutions for root causes of health problems.

We continuously innovate in our own products, technological processes and communication efforts.

We continually develop effective solutions to optimize health for all.

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